Nano Engineered Applications, Inc.TM (NEA), is seeking to develop nanomaterials-based sensors for detecting airborne gases at the parts-per-billion (ppb) level. We are in the development stage of commercializing a core technology platform of gas sensors which are intended to be easily embedded into existing or new electronic devices, to be small in size and use little power, and to be put to a variety of uses.

Potential uses include air quality monitoring, food and agricultural safety uses, security-related uses, explosives detection, industrial plant toxic gas detection, gaseous chemical warfare agent detection and other applications.

NEA’s technologies are being designed as a platform for the future development of multiple consumer and professional products. NEA’s product platform is planned to include such features as single and multi-gas sensing, interchangeable sensors, customizable sensors for specific airborne substances, cloud-based data integration, low power usage and integration with GPS and wireless communications systems.

Examples of existing devices made by others that could incorporate future products from NEA include wearables (such as smart watches and wireless health and fitness monitors), home automation systems, air purifiers, production line systems and professional gas detection equipment.

To support the commercial use of our core technology by product manufacturers and others, we are currently developing electronic devices that could serve as components in third-party devices and developing software applications. Our future goal is that NEA’s products be adaptable to a wide variety of applications, including portable as well as stationary gas detection products.

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As an ieCrowd company, Nano Engineered Applications benefits from ieCrowd's commercialization platform including a business infrastructure that enables us to focus on commercialization and product development...

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Nuuma, our core technology platform currently in development, represents a new generation of highly-accurate, high-density, low-power, mobile sensors being designed to address significant life and health market opportunities...

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