The Power of Collaboration

NEA is building partnerships to support the development and distribution of future NEA products globally. From research universities to industry leaders, we believe our partners will play an important role in advancing our technology platform.

As an ieCrowdTM Company, NEA also benefits from ieCrowd's ecosystem of institutions, government agencies, universities, industry partners, non-profits, and individuals. ieCrowd is bringing together innovators, scientists, public health experts, businesses, and the crowd to change how life and health discoveries get to market.

Development and Market Partners

Development partners support NEA's product development during the commercialization process. Market partners bring considerable market (global, regional and local) and domain expertise. We believe market partners will be essential to increasing distribution and the impact of NEA's future products on quality of life.


Our Company

As an ieCrowd company, Nano Engineered Applications benefits from ieCrowd's commercialization platform including a business infrastructure that enables us to focus on commercialization and product development...

Our Solutions

Nuuma, our core technology platform currently in development, represents a new generation of highly-accurate, high-density, low-power, mobile sensors being designed to address significant life and health market opportunities...

In The News

Press: KABC-TV Los Angeles News - "Turning Your Smart Phone into an Electronic Nose" - Now researchers in Riverside are hoping to turn your smartphone into electronic nose...