New Generation Sensor Product Platform – “NuumaTM

NEA’s core technology platform, which we call “NuumaTM,” is a gas sensor in the form of a chip, based on nanomaterials and capable of detecting airborne gases at the parts-per-billion (ppb) level. The sensor is small and high density, and built to allow the real-time detection of multiple airborne chemical molecules simultaneously at a low power consumption rate.

Knowledge is Power

When fully developed, Nuuma products will feature unique capabilities not seen on the market today; Our goal is to develop new health and wellness features to improve, maintain or manage a healthy lifestyle. 

Potential Product Categories:

  • Consumer Health and Wellness
  • Air Quality Monitoring – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Public Health Monitoring and Management
  • Environmental Quality and Climate Monitoring
  • Agriculture & Food Safety
  • Food Supply Chain Monitoring and Management
  • Defense, Military & Homeland Security
  • Early Disease Detection
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Plants
  • Emergency-Response Sensors – Individuals and Area

Our Company

As an ieCrowd company, Nano Engineered Applications benefits from ieCrowd's commercialization platform including a business infrastructure that enables us to focus on commercialization and product development...

Our Solutions

Nuuma, our core technology platform currently in development, represents a new generation of highly-accurate, high-density, low-power, mobile sensors being designed to address significant life and health market opportunities...

In The News

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